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Go ahead, turn up the volume.

If you’ve heard an echo in a canyon, a concert in a basement rock club, a piano recital in a living room, frogs in the woods, an action movie in home theater, or a Greek tragedy in natural amphitheater, you know that the space shapes sound.

Akouo is a Greek word meaning ‘to hear’ or ‘to listen’ — and that’s our mission. We listen to engineers, architects, designers, manufacturers, audiences and customers so we can provide the best products at the best price — and empower people to Create the Sensational & Control the Decibels.

We started with one product and one project and have grown to be a global company with wall panels in hundreds of commercial spaces around the world. From lecture halls to concert halls. From conference rooms to public performance venues. In meeting acoustic design challenge in these spaces — we’ve built a community that is passionate about bringing these products to more people.

So, we’re thrilled to offer the same professional acoustic wall panels to consumers. The same quality materials. The same stunning design. And the same world-class acoustic properties. So, you can buy direct, transform your space, and enjoy all the benefits of acoustic wall panels. So, go ahead, turn up the volume!

To learn more about our commercial acoustic solutions, visit Akouo Acoustics.

To learn more about seating solutions that complement and enhance our acoustic products, visit Sedia Systems.

Akouo Acoustics® is a division of Sedia Systems, a leading global manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furniture. Sedia Systems offers the widest range of fixed seating for the education, corporate, healthcare, government and public assembly markets.

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