How many panels are there in each box?

Each set contains two panels.

What are the measurements of each panel?

Each panel measures 94.49″ x 12.60″.

How do the panels join?

The panels are designed to join seamlessly next to each other.

What is unique about Akouo's Woodline Edge Collection?

The Woodline Edge Collection features a distinctive edge detail that adds warmth and texture along with a professional finish. They convey a particular sense of depth when viewed from different angles.

Are Woodline Edge panels eco-friendly?

Yes, the Woodline Edge panels are environmentally friendly. They are comprised of a wood veneered MDF board with a backing made from 100% recyclable PET felt.

How do Woodline Edge panels impact room ambiance?

When installed on ceilings and walls, these panels improve the acoustic environment by controlling reverberated noise, and hence, contribute to a space that encourages focus, relaxation, and productivity.

Where can the Woodline Edge panels be used?

Applications for these panels are diverse and extend from bedrooms to hallways, home offices, kitchens, and even home theatres.

What is NRC?

NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and is a standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. NRC ratings range from 0 to 1. An NRC of 0 means the product absorbs no sound; an NRC of 1 means the product absorbs 100% or all sound. Thickness and density of a product are two factors in calculating NRC.

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