WoodLine Edge


Elevate the aesthetic of any room with WoodLine Edge. Seamlessly blend the warmth of wood and exceptional acoustical properties with easy installation. Panels are comprised of a wood veneered MDF board with a backing made from 100% recyclable PET felt. Panels come in 2 piece sets and are available in four finishes.

$199.99 Free Shipping (Continental US)

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  • Linear Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • 2-Piece Set
  • In Stock
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Cut to Size Onsite
  • Choice of 4 Wood Veneers
  • 100% Recyclable PET Felt Backing
  • NRC ratings as high as 0.80


Each set contains two panels. Panels are seamless when installed.

  • Panel Set Width: 23.6”
  • Panel Height: 94.5”
  • Panel Depth: 0.87”


  • Wood Veneered MDF Board with 100% PET Felt Backing
  • Choice of 4 Wood Veneers:
    • White Ash with Grey Felt Backing
    • Natural Oak with Black Felt Backing
    • Natural Walnut with Black Felt Backing
    • Wenge with Black Felt Backing


  • Direct Attachment with Adhesive: Lay each Edge panel face down and apply high tack construction adhesive (not included). Position Edge panels on the wall and press firmly. Secure Edge panels to the wall temporarily with screws at top, bottom and midpoints while the construction adhesive dries.
  • Direct Attachment with Screws: Using black or silver screws (depending on the color of felt backing), panels can be screwed directly to the wall through the felt.
  • Furring Strips: Measure the height and width of the area you’ll be covering with Edge panels. Install furring strips every 24” on center top to bottom. The framework created should run perpendicular to the length of the Edge panels. Position and secure the Edge panels to the furring strips with screws placed 12” on center horizontally and 24” on center vertically on the framework created. Repeat the process until you achieve desired coverage.
  • Installation Guide (pdf)